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 > >Buttonlok™ Pro Brushes
 > >Buttonlok™ Wood Core Poly Brushes
 > >Buttonlok™ Duct Brushes
 > >Buttonlok™ Dryer Vent Brushes
 > >Buttonlok™ Tile Breakers
 > >Buttonlok™ Chimney Rods
 > >Buttonlok™ Adapters
 >Heavy Duty Series Chimney Brushes—3/8" Thread
 >Heavy Duty Poly Brushes—3/8" Thread
 >Heavy Duty Flat Wire Brushes—3/8" Thread
 >Mid-Grade Chimney Brushes—3/8" Thread
 >Wood Center Chimney Brushes—Threaded
 >Homeowner's Chimney Brushes—1/4" Thread
 >Flash-Corder™ Video Recording Flashlight
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 >Hearth Vacuum
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Tools Of The Trade - Buttonlok™ System

These are the becoming the professionals choice for speed and efficiency. All components
securely lock together with the click of a button. Not only does it make push-pull cleaning
faster, it also allows for rotary cleaning. Large Buttonlok™ connectors match up to the
appropriate tools. Small Buttonlok™ connectors mate up for their correct use as well. We
have adapters to make it easy to convert your existing brushes and rods to work together
with these, as well as all the components needed to complete or upgrade your Buttonlok™

Buttonlok™ Power Sweeping
Buttonlok™ Power Sweeping
Buttonlok™ Pro Brushes
Buttonlok™ Pro Brushes
Buttonlok™ Wood Core Poly Brushes
Buttonlok™ Wood Core Poly Brushes
Buttonlok™ Duct Brushes
Buttonlok™ Duct Brushes
Buttonlok™ Dryer Vent Brushes
Buttonlok™ Dryer Vent Brushes
Buttonlok™ Tile Breakers
Buttonlok™ Tile Breakers
Buttonlok™ Chimney Rods
Buttonlok™ Chimney Rods
Buttonlok™ Adapters
Buttonlok™ Adapters