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Fans, Controllers & Registers - Sand Hill Super Quiet Fan


Customers rave about the marvelous Super Quiet® Fan, resulting in substantial word of mouth sales, additional customer traffic and increased heating product sales. The fact is, the Super Quiet® Fan is rapidly becoming a standard home heating product for anyone with a wood stove, coal stove or fireplace–even air conditioning. The immense popularity of the Super Quiet® Fan is attributable to its high performance capacity and surprisingly low noise level. The Super Quiet® Fan is a model of efficiency. Installed correctly, it uses the principles of convection to perfection. Although it is tiny in size (only 4 11/16" sq.), the Super Quiet® Fan moves an impressive 50 cubic feet of air per minute. Strategically mounted, the Super Quiet® Fan produces a constant, even air transfer between rooms. Unobtrusive, yet efficient, this amazing little fan eliminates hot and cold pockets, maximizing the capacity of woodstoves and air conditioners. If you are not now displaying and selling this type of fan, you should be. They sell and customer satisfaction is extremely high which guarantees many additional word of mouth sales. We continue to test and sample many other makes and models of fans, but we are still absolutely convinced that the Super Quiet® Fan is the best available. If you have not compared our fans with others on the market, you should do so. Ours have more features, better packaging and better pricing for the features and quality than any others currently available. The discussion of low CFM fans (50-70) versus high CFM (100-120) still continues. After many years of retail comparisons, we are still satisfied that a low CFM fan will always substantially outsell a high CFM fan if a customer is given the opportunity to compare the two. Customers do not like the high noise level of the 100+ CFM fans. Our 50 CFM fan is rated at a sound level 24 db. Comparable 100 CFM fans are rated at 38 db. The db scale is logarithmic, so the difference in sound level between 24 db and 38 db is actually a factor of 3. In addition to the sound level, we have had some people who complained that 100 CFM fans did create uncomfortable drafts. Conversely we have never had anyone tell us a 50 CFM did not do the proper job. The Super Quiet® features an unconditional one-year guarantee, two protective finger guards, all cast metal frame, clips for attaching power cord to mounting surface, 12 ft. cord with in-line switch and swivel mounting hardware. Each fan is in consumer display packaging.

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 Cord for Sand Hill Super Quiet Fan 
(click image for more information)
Model: NS2269

Cord for Sand Hill Super Quiet Fan

Replacement cord for Sand Hill Super Quiet Fan


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 Sand Hill Super Quiet Fan 
(click image for more information)
Model: 4001

Sand Hill Super Quiet Fan

If there is one product continually high in demand, with very high customer satisfaction, it is the ever-popular Super Quiet® Fan. The Super Quiet® Fan is the overwhelming favorite for homeowners trying to improve air circulation in the home.


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 Super Quiet Fan Bracket-Door Mount 
(click image for more information)
Model: NS2796

Super Quiet Fan Bracket-Door Mount

One of these is shipped with each new fan. **This is the replacement wall mounting bracket for the Sand Hill Super Quiet Fan if you need another.


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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products) Result Pages:  1