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Catalytic Combustors

We offer a very comprehensive inventory of replacement catalytic combustors to fit almost any combustor equipped wood-burning stove.

Catalytic combustors have been used in wood-burning stoves since the 1980’s. They are constructed of ceramic with a special coating of materials that act as a catalyst.


LESS POLLUTION* - Gases and particles in smoke cause air pollution. The combustor eliminates 90% of this pollution by burning these gases and particles before they exit the stove.

LESS CREOSOTE* - Condensation of smoke in chimneys and flues creates creosote build up which is the primary cause of chimney fires. The combustor reduces this danger because it burns most of the smoke and reduces creosote accumulation as much as 90%. However, you should continue to inspect your chimney regularly for safety.

MORE HEAT* - The added burning of the particulate matter, or what we see as smoke, creates additional heat that would otherwise have been lost up the chimney. This means less firewood used.

* Performance may vary depending on stove design, operation and combustor age.


While constructed of very durable material, the catalytic coating on the ceramic is used up over time.
The average life expectancy of a unit is around 6 years. Some units have been reported to have lasted as long as 10 years. However, it is recommended the unit be changed out every 6 years for maximum efficiency of the stove.

The benefits of maintaining your wood stove’s combustor are well worth the occasional replacement.




   Here's a great illustration of how a catalytic combustor operates.

   This was provided by Blaze King Industries, a manufacturer of wood stoves.



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NOTE: We offer an easy-to-use moisture meter to check your firewood for proper moisture content.

4'' x 10.625'' x 2'' with metal band and gasket 16 cells per square inch replacement catalytic combustor

4'' x 10.625'' x 2'' with metal band and gasket 16 cells per square inch replacement catalytic combustor

4" X 10.625" X 2" Combustor with metal band and gasket. 16 cells per square inch.…



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