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Receiver and Hand Held Thermostat Remote Control Kit with wall docking station. This item may be used with any millivolt controlled gas system.

Imagine being able to adjust the temperature to exactly what you'd like from where you are sitting. This remote control allows you to do just that.

The HRC200 remote includes a built in thermostat: Unit will turn on and off depending on the temperature in the room. Connect the receiver to the miilivolt control of your gas appliance, and you will be able to remotely control the operation of your gas logs or fireplace.

Includes wall mounting station.
Receiver will operate off of a 9 volt battery and will work with most millivolt operated remote ready products.
The pilot light must be pre-lit for the remote to operate properly.
Auto Shutoff Feature.

Note: If the average room temperature exceeds 82 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Centigrade), the hand-held remote control will perform a safety override and shut the fireplace off.
This feature is not available in the MANUAL mode.
The receiver continuously receives signals from the hand-held remote to control the room temperature.
If the hand-held remote is misplaced, obstructed, or for any reason cannot transmit to the receiver, the receiver will shut off the fireplace after 8 minutes.

Key Pad Lock Feature, this feature allows the user to lock/unlock the keypad on the handheld remote in the MANUAL or AUTO mode to prevent inadvertent operation.

The keypad is locked in either on or off. Press the POWER and LOCK buttons together to turn the unit on or off.

Locks System to Prevent Accidental Ignition
Turns Burners On or Off
Increases or Decreases Room Temperature in AUTO Mode
Digital Display Shows Temperature and Settings
Turns Hand-Held Remote On or Off and Allows You to Choose the Manual Setting
Celsius and Fahrenheit Mode Button

Note: The HRC200 will replace the following remote control system used by Desa Internationals TLCR, TRC, CTRC, CGHRCT-M, CGHRCTB, GHRCTB,HRC100, HRC101, HRC201, and can be used with many different models of direct vent fireplaces, Gas Logs and vent-free fireplaces that are millivolt operated.

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