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4 in Homeowners Choice Flexible - Gas Vent Systems & Components - Products - 4 Homeowners Choice
4 in. Homeowners Choice Flexible

HEAVY DUTY Light Weight HOMEOWNERS CHOICE is also the chimney professional’s choice for relining new or unlined masonry chimneys for gas appliances. This high quality 2 ply aluminum liner is designed for fast, low cost, installation. Includes factory installed pull through/connector and a one piece storm collar/connector that will save installation time. Make your choice the HOMEOWNERS CHOICE today!



  • Bends Easily to Fit Irregular Contours
  • Controls the Amount of Highly Acidic Condensation in the Chimney
  • Rain Cap Prevents Downdrafting
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • UL and ULC Listed Kits
  • For Gas Furnaces and Water Heaters, Rated Less Than 83% AFUE

Additional Components

  • Extensions–10\' extensions with adapter to increase liner to desired length.
  • Flex Adapters–to join sections of gas liner.
  • B Vent Adapters–to join Flexi-Liner with B Vent Pipe.
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