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Skamolex Replacement Panel Brick Pattern - 8204 - New Products - Products - by 069 Us Fireplace

Skamolex™ Replacement Panels are used to replace refractory panels in factory-built fireplaces. Measures 1'' thick x 24'' wide x 39⅝'' long.


Skamolex™ panels are produce from high density vermiculite. Vermiculite is naturally highly insulating, and is lighter in weight. This makes Skamolex™ panels great for replacement use in factory-built fireplaces. They are easily cut using normal wood working tools such as hand saws, jig saws, circular saws, drills and routers. Further information is available through the link below.


Skamol Easy as 123, & Install Tips


Note: Skamolex panels are not to be used on the flloor of fireplaces or under stoves.



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