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Vanguard Contemporary Vent-Free

The Ultimate In Versatility In Infrared Heater Performance.


Each Infra-Stat Thermostatically Controlled Heater offers a comfort selector thermostat plus three or four optional heat settings depending on the model selected. This dual control system provides the widest range of gas space heating flexibility in the industry.
Regardless of the season or how warm you choose to be, you can enjoy the ultimate in zone heating comfort with the Vanguard Infra-Stat heater.
While others offer a single heat output on thermostatic models, only Infra-Stat offers the versatility of three or four heat settings. This gives you the flexibility to achieve the specific comfort level to meet all your heating needs.
Operation of the 99.9% efficient Infra-Stat is simple and the results are outstanding.

Vanguard Infra-Stat operation is easy.

First start the heater by rotating the Infra-Stat thermostat control to the “pilot” position and depress the piezo ignitor to establish the pilot flame. Next, use the heat selector knob to select the BTU heat output desired. From this point on, it’s a matter of simply rotating the Infra-Stat thermostat control until the temperature is ideal for you. The setting chosen on the Infra-Stat thermostat control determines how frequently the unit cycles between pilot and the BTU output selected. In short, the higher the thermostat setting, the longer the plaque(s) stay on and the warmer the temperature in the room will become.
Connects to gas source - no vent pipe or chimney required.
Easily installed on wall or floor (with included feet.) See Owner’s Manual.

BTUs Needed By Square Footage & Type of Insulation
Insulation 200 Sq. Ft. 400 Sq. Ft. 600 Sq. Ft. 800 Sq. Ft. 1,000 Sq. Ft.
3,000 BTUs 6,000 BTUs 9,000 BTUs 12,000 BTUs 15,000 BTUs
Average 6,000 BTUs 12,000 BTUs 18,000 BTUs 24,000 BTUs 30,000 BTUs
9,000 BTUs 18,000 BTUs 27,000 BTUs 36,000 BTUs 45,000 BTUs
Chart based upon an area with a ceiling less than 10 feet.

For the Lowest Heat Setting, a single plaque heats to the comfort level selected. The unit cycles between pilot and that setting to maintain the temperature
For Mid Range Heat, two plaques cycle between pilot and the desired comfort level selected.
Unique in the larger model is a Medium/High Setting, which cycles between pilot and the three plaques.
For High Heat Output, all plaques operate, cycling between pilot and the maximum output to maintain comfort level selected on the Infra-Stat control.

NOTE: All Gas Products must be installed in accordance with local codes.

These are discontinued, limited availability.

Vanguard Heater Floor Base Only

Vanguard Heater Floor Base Only

Floor base for DESA brand heaters. Picture shows heater for reference, heater is not included. Only one…



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