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8 in. Ventinox VG Type AL29-4C S



Ventinox VG Liner is a gas and vaportight lining system designed to meet the challenges of venting the new generation of energy-efficient oil and gas appliances.

Because combustion is so complete and very little heat is lost into the flues from these new appliances, flue gases are cool and saturated with water. Water condensing inside the flues combines with soot to form acids, which can seriously damage the entire chimney structure. Because VG is nonporous, leakproof, and can be insulated, it’s ideal for reducing and containing the flue condensation.


VG is made from a single strip of type AL29-4C Stainless Steel, utilizing a continuous weld and spiral corrugation technique. Even OVALIZING does not compromise its gas tightness or durability. Type AL29-4C Stainless Steel is recognized by the AGA for its outstanding resistance to corrosion and is listed for use with Category I Gas & Oil applications. VG is listed to UL1777 and ULC-S635-M90, the most stringent test available for gas vents today.

VG is listed without the use of insulation, although we strongly recommend chimney insulation for most gas and oil liners. This will reduce flue condensation and allow the flue to heat up faster and stay warmer longer. Insulation improves operation by creating a steady draft.

Fastclamp Connect System – Ventinox features the Fastclamp connecting system. No more holes to drill, no more screws or rivets. Simply slide the desired part onto the liner and tighten Fastclamp with a standard screwdriver or socket wrench. Fast and easy to install and ULC Listed.

Custom Lengths – VG is available in custom lengths by 1\' increments up to 150 ft.

Custom Ovalized – Just call us with the dimensions that you need and we’ll ovalize the liner to your specifications. Note: ovalizing reduces the cross-sectional area of the flue. Please call for cross-sectional areas of ovalized liners.

Other Sizes – Other sizes available on a special order basis.

Lifetime Warranty* – VG comes with a lifetime warranty for Category 1 residential gas or oil burning heating systems, gas or oil burning water heaters, or gas fireplaces.

*M&G DuraVent provides no warranty for the following professional products if such products are not installed by a trained professional installer: DuraTech®, DuraPlus HTC®, DuraChimney® II, PelletVent Pro®, DirectVent Pro®, FasNSeal®, FasNSeal® W2, FasNSeal® Flex, and PolyPro®, and M&G DuraVent’s relining products including DuraLiner®, DuraFlex® (SW, Pro, 316, 304), and Ventinox®.

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