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Ecofan Airmax with Nickel Blade - 4030 - Ecofan - Fans Controllers & Registers - This Ecofan

The Ecofan Airmax generates its own power from the heat of the stove. It has 2 blades and moves up to 175 CFM without any electricity. For use on freestanding wood stoves.This Ecofan operates at temperatures from 185° F to 650° F allowing for the greatest  circulation of heat from your stove throughout the home. New high efficiency blade design. Optimal operating range is between 390-650 degrees Fahrenheit. Can be used on new EPA stoves.

Unit is 9.75"H x 9.25"W x 4.5" deep.

2 year limited warranty.

Replacement motor is available, click on this link - Item #4034

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